Stop Experiment Near Galapagos Islands!

Stop iron dump!After being urged by thousands of FoE activists to stop Planktos’ planned iron dump near the Galapagos Islands, the International Maritime Organization's Scientific Group of the London Convention expressed concerned about such dumping in late June. The Scientific Group said that the potentially negative environmental consequences from iron dumping must be considered and that the full convention should take up formal restrictions on iron dumps at its November meeting.


You can still send the IMO letters urging them to take action to ban such practices when they meet this fall. Prominent experts say that the iron dump is not only unlikely to remove carbon from the atmosphere in any lasting or significant way, but that such "iron fertilization" threatens ocean ecosystems and could actually alter them in ways that lead to methane and nitrous oxide production, which cause global warming.


Go ahead and tell them you are glad they will meet to discuss this and that further steps will be necessary to stop practices like those of Planktos.

July 18, 2018


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