While Friends of the Earth helped defeat some bad coal to liquid provisions in the House and Senate energy bills, a report just out in the Wall Street Journal reveals the industry’s new strategy to saddle taxpayers with this foolish venture’s financial risks: It is trying to exploit national security concerns to make the military a guaranteed liquid coal buyer for the next quarter century.  

If you want to know why liquid coal is a dumb idea ecologically, socially and economically, check out our fact sheet. 

Then sign the petition to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees telling them not to force the military to be a crutch for a liquid coal industry.  We’ll copy the Secretary of Defense and allow you to put in your own comment.

Petition language:

Members of the House and Senate Arms Services Committees:

I urge you to reject efforts by the coal industry to create a market for "liquid coal" by coercing taxpayers to buy the product through our armed forces.  Not only is liquid coal unnecessary for national security purposes, it is an industry that the taxpayers should not encourage for two reasons:  1) taxpayers should not subsidize a profitable coal industry to produce a product the free market will not support; and 2) liquid coal is a bad product at any price, contributing twice the carbon emissions to our atmosphere that petroleum does, consuming an inordinate amount of water per unit of fuel, and requiring the expansion of ecologically and socially disastrous mining practices. 

Our nation does not need liquid coal and we don't want liquid coal.  Please oppose any effort to create a market for this product through our military expenditures.

July 18, 2018


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