Don't Let Bush Burn California

Fires ravage CaliforniaBy filling out the form on this page you will be signing onto the petition to Bush below, which demands that he untie the hands of the beleaguered state of California and let it fight global warming with its Pavley law.  Friends of the Earth will send copies of the signatures it collects to the legislature and media in California, so that they know the nation is behind their state's leadership even if Bush is not. 

The EPA is expected to finally hand down its decision before the end of this year, and this could be our last chance to ensure that decision is the right one.

Petition language:

While California burns, your EPA is sitting on a waiver request from that state that would allow it to combat global warming through the regulation of greenhouse gases in vehicle emissions.  Few states understand the potential and current impacts of global warming better than the state of California, which has an obligation to protect its citizens against the economic and ecological impacts of climate change -- impacts like wildfires, which are already on the rise due to global warming.

Please work with your EPA to issue a timely decision allowing California, and its emulators among the other states, to move ahead with the "Clean Car" plan. 

July 18, 2018

Don't Burn California!

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