Tell Administrator Johnson: "You're Dismissed!" 

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By filling out the form at the bottom of this page, you will be signing our dismissal notice below, which will be presented to EPA Administrator Steven Johnson.  You will also be sending your members of Congress a message regarding your wish to see Administrator Johnson out of his current position (which you can edit).


We the undersigned condemn you, Administrator Stephen Johnson, for violating the mandate of the Environmental Protection Agency and undermining the good work of its employees.

Whereas you have delayed the Bush administration’s response to a year-old Supreme Court holding in Mass v. EPA, which makes any action under President Bush’s tenure unlikely.

Whereas you have rejected California’s request for permission to allow it to limit global warming pollution from vehicles; which overrides recommendations of EPA’s own career experts and prevents the implementation of laws passed in more than a dozen states.

Whereas you set ozone pollution limits at unhealthy levels after rejecting the recommendations of EPA’s own scientists -- and then weakened those limits further after a late-night intervention by President Bush on the eve of announcing the new standards.

We have concluded that your disregard for EPA’s legal obligations, your rejection of EPA’s internal expertise, and your willingness to subordinate the EPA’s mission to the White House’s political agenda leave no honorable course for you but to step down as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency before you do any more harm to that agency and the public health.

July 18, 2018


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