The World Bank and Climate Investment

In April 2008, the World Bank approved a $450 million loan for a massive 4,000 megawatt coal project in India, expected to be one of the 50 largest greenhouse gas emitters in the world. The Bank currently provides $1 billion per year for oil and gas industries--and that number is growing. In 2006, oil, gas, and power commitments accounted for 77 percent of the World Bank's total energy program, while renewables only received a measly 6 percent, despite past promises.

In light of this atrocious record, the World Bank has no business moving ahead with its proposed climate investment funds, which would control billions of dollars (potentially including U.S. tax dollars), earmarked to curb global warming.

Friends of the Earth believes that the World Bank should not be in control of this money.

Help us stop these climate investment funds from getting established at the World Bank. Register your complaints through the World Bank’s official comment submission process and at the same time copy your members of Congress, alerting them to your concerns.

UPDATED: The World Bank is no longer accepting comments.  The form below has been deactivated.

Thanks to all who participated.

July 18, 2018


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