Don't Allow Pollution Of Our Genetic Ecology!

Take Action! Gene doping is a rapidly developing technological practice that poses dangers to our genetic ecology.  The practice involves altering viral DNA and introducing those altered viruses into our bodies to replace parts of our own DNA with genes intended to make us faster or stronger.  

But like many cutting-edge technologies, the potential impacts of gene doping are largely unknown.  Once we introduce new DNA into our species' genetic pool with the potential to present unforeseen dangers, it will be more difficult to clean up than any oil spill.  

That is why Friends of the Earth urged major sports organizations to adopt a ban on gene doping.  Some responded, and most showed a willingness or policy to ban the practice.  We are waiting on others.  But only one organization responded and refused to make any commitment to action: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Please join our campaign to urge the NCAA to adopt the same policy on gene doping that the World Anti-Doping Agency follows.

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July 18, 2018


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