Help Prevent Another Coal Disaster

Prevent another coal ash spillAt the end of December 2008, a large swath of Tennessee was flooded with toxic coal ash when a containment pond ruptured. The massive spill -- bigger than the oil released from the Exxon Valdez -- covered hundreds of acres of land, knocking homes off of their foundations and flowing into streams and the Clinch and Tennessee rivers. The spill poses long-term threats to human health and the environment.

Most recently, a leak in a coal ash pipe has sent over 4000 gallons of coal ash into the Potomac River and those toxins are heading towards Washington, D.C. Perhaps now, members of Congress will understand that coal is public enemy number one.

Please let your member of Congress know that a ban on new coal-fired power plants is needed immediately and we must rapidly phase out existing coal facilities and replace them with clean energy alternatives and energy efficiency.

July 18, 2018


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