Global Warming Trial Nears: Urge Central Valley Auto Dealers to Stop Suing!

Hundreds of Central Valley residents have sent letters to 13 Valley auto dealers asking them to drop out of a lawsuit attempting to block California's law to reduce global warming emissions for cars and trucks. So far, one dealer has dropped out. With the trial set to start in federal court in Fresno within weeks, now is the time to turn up the pressure!

Send a letter to the dealers today asking them to drop the lawsuit!

For More Information, Plus the List of Dealers, Click Here

Talking Points

  • If you have ever bought a vehicle at any of these 11 dealerships, be sure to mention that in your letter.

  • If you live in the same city as any of the dealerships (Modesto, Fresno, Madera, Valencia, Lemoore, Merced, Tulare, Selma), please mention that in your letter.

  • Let the dealers know what qualities are important to you in a car or truck you may buy in the future.

  • If the dealer sold clean, safe, and affordable cars, SUVs and trucks that emitted much less global warming pollution than current models, would you be more willing to consider buying a car from that dealer?

  • Give the dealers your opinion about their taking part in a lawsuit against the people of California.

July 18, 2018

Cleaner Cars and No Global Warming Lawsuit!

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