Trade Policy

Colombia Free Trade Agreement--A Bad Idea

Friends of the Earth and Sierra Club submitted a joint letter to Congress asking for opposition to the Columbia Free Trade Agreement, citing egregious human rights and environmental violations.

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Substantial Death Toll from Shipping Emissions

A scientific article by the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science & Technology shows that the number of people dying from heart and lung disease as a result of under-regulated shipping emissions totaled 60,000 in 2002, and that death toll is estimated to grow by 40 percent by 2012 due to continued large increase in global shipping traffic. The peer-reviewed study led by Dr. James J. Corbett at the University of Delaware and Dr. James Winebrake of the Rochester Institute of Technology, "Mortality from Ship Emissions: A Global Assessment," is the first research study to estimate global premature deaths linked to harmful emissions from ocean-going vessels. A copy of the abstract and the full article can be downloaded from the ACS.

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Leaked Word Trade Organization Ruling

WTO ruling does not prevent countries from restricting or banning GM foods

Friends of the Earth International made available online today a confidential World Trade Organization ruling on the trade dispute on biotech, or genetically modified organisms(GMO) foods.

The 1000-page report, which was distributed earlier this month only to the countries involved in the dispute, was leaked to Friends of the Earth, which published today February 28 a preliminary analysis in the briefing 'Looking behind the US spin'.

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