Corporate Behavior

Climate Change Disclosure in SEC Filings

Automobile, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Utilities Companies

Corporate BehaviorThis report is Friends of the Earth's fifth annual review of climate change reporting in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings of automobile, manufacturing, integrated oil & gas, insurance, petrochemicals, and utilities companies. It indicates that over the past five years, climate reporting in general has steadily increased in quality and quantity

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Climate Risk Reporting in SEC Filings of Publicly-traded Property & Casualty Insurers

Although climate change-specific accounting requirements do not yet exist in the United States, securities disclosure rules require companies to disclose all material risks facing their firms. Indeed, some insurers are already discussing global warming in their SEC filings, indicating that climate change is in fact a material issue for the insurance industry.

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Global Warming and Gas Flaring

The effects of the Great Warming and Climate change are not fairly shared. Fourteen percent of the world's population lives in the 57 countries on the African continent. However, because the majority of Africans live with little to no access to electricity and personal transport usage is among the world's lowest, Africans contribute only 3 percent.

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FOE Lawsuit Results in 1,650 Acres of Wetland

A federal judge signed off last night on a commitment by the Chevron Phillips Chemical Company to end a 13-year water pollution lawsuit by funding the addition of 1,650 acres of wetlands to the Big Thicket National Preserve in eastern Texas. The suit was brought by the environmental group Friends of the Earth in 1994 in response to Chevron's pollution of the Sabine Lake watershed, which violated the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

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