Nano-suncreen Update!

Consumer Reports has found that the personal care company, Aubrey Organics, has provided incorrect information about its nanocontent in sunscreens. Unfortunately, we had to remove Aubrey Organics from our safe list. You can read about the results of the testing here. The Consumer Union also sent a letter to the FDA, using the results of their independent test to call on the FDA for a full safety assessment of all nanoparticles used in personal care products.

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Out of the Laboratory and on to Our Plates

Nanofood in the Grocery Aisles: Miller Light, Cadbury and Other Brands Have Toxic Risks

Nanomaterials used in baked goodsUntested nanotechnology is being used in more than 100 food products, food packaging and contact materials currently on the shelf, without warning or FDA testing, according to a report released by Friends of the Earth.

The report, Out of the Laboratory and On To Our Plates: Nanotechnology in Food and Agriculture found nanomaterials in popular products and packaging including Miller Light beer, Cadbury Chocolate packaging and ToddlerHealth, a nutritional drink powder for infants sold extensively at health food stores including WholeFoods.

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Nanotechnology Overview

Blood CellsNanotechnology is a powerful new technology for taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level. It is being touted as the basis of the next industrial revolution and will be used to transform and construct a wide range of new materials, devices, technological systems and even living organisms.

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Nanomaterials, Sunscreens and Cosmetics

Small Ingredients, Big Risks

SunscreenIn one of the most dramatic failures of regulation since the introduction of asbestos, corporations around the world are rapidly introducing thousands of tons of nanomaterials into the environment and onto the faces and hands of millions of people, despite the growing body of evidence indicating that nanomaterials can be toxic to humans and the environment.

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