Off Road Vehicles

Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles pose a growing threat to our natural heritage of public lands. At risk is the capacity of these lands to provide us with their many important benefits. We want them to provide habitat to wildlife and endangered species; catchments for clean and healthy drinking water; a variety of recreational opportunities; and solitude. Each of these benefits is threatened by the growing use of off-road vehicles (ORVs) on public lands. ORVs come in many forms: from dirt bikes to four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); in cold weather snowmobiles, in warmer conditions personal watercraft.

ORV users have been expanding their access and use of public lands in recent years. To assist them, an influential ORV lobby has emerged that operates with the help and financial support of powerful allies in the oil production and automobile manufacturing industries. This report offers a warning to all that we must act to protect our natural areas before they are despoiled by this destructive and disturbing form of recreation.

Why Target Off-Road Vehicles?

ORVs are capable of — in fact, designed to — tear across wild areas with or without the assistance of trails. In the process, they do significant harm to the landscape and the plants and creatures who live on it. The result, all too often, is habitat fragmentation, exotic weed dispersal, air pollution, noise pollution, soil compaction, erosion, the siltation of streams and trail effects on wildlife. State, federal, local, and private institutions have studied these impacts. Hikers and campers have seen them. But little is being done to address the problem.

Tell Park Service: Wrong Way on Yellowstone!

snowmobiles are dirty Three separate studies show that current snowmobile use in Yellowstone is damaging the majestic park, yet George Bush’s National Park Service (NPS) wants to nearly triple the use of snowmobiles!

This action would nearly triple nitrogen oxide emissions, double hydrocarbon emissions, and push carbon monoxide emissions up 60 percent in the park.

Fortunately, the NPS is taking comments right now on the rule change for snowmobile use. Tell it to reject the "preferred alternative" to increase snowmobile use and instead go with "Alternative 2," which would phase out snowmobiles and transition to snowcoaches.

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