Renewable Energy

Power Failure

How the World Bank is Failing to Adequately Finance Renewable Energy for Development

If the World Bank Group is to deliver on the potential of renewable energy to promote development and poverty alleviation, it will have to dramatically increase its funding for renewable energy, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of its overall energy funding.

Wind & Solar Powered Yacht Sets Sail for La Route du Rhum

The Friends of the Earth Highlights the Need for Action on Global Warming

A new state of the art yacht, called Friends of the Earth, will set sail this week from Cape Town, South Africa to highlight the need for national and international action on climate change. The yacht will begin sea trials before taking part in the one of the world's most challenging solo races – the transatlantic La Route du Rhum - in October. The 2006 Route du Rhum will be the first international race for the Class 40 yacht.

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