Coal Dependence

Coal PlantsThe United States probably has enough coal to meet our electricity needs for years to come.  But that doesn't make it a smart choice for our energy needs.  Even if the burning of coal was not a major greenhouse gas contributor, the coal industry is a disaster when it comes to environmental stewardship and human health.

Drilling or Shilling for Oil?

The Senate is poised to consider legislation that gives away too much to big energy interests to produce dirty power at the expense of clean energy, which will get us off fossil fuels and help combat global warming.

House Democrats pushed weak legislation days ago that capitulated to Republican demands for more offshore drilling, and now the Senate is looking at legislation with similar rewards for the same old energy gang: coal and oil.

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Liquid Coal

Coal liquification is the process of converting solid coal into a liquid fuel that can power cars and other vehicles.  Liquid coal is a dirty and costly fuel, but coal companies want taxpayers to subsidize its production.  This is a bad idea that is strongly opposed by the environmental community.

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