Plug-in Hybrids

What is a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

Car with PlugA Plug-In hybrid electric vehicle ("Plug-in") is a conventional hybrid car, such as a Toyota Prius, with a more powerful battery and a simple electric plug. Although the Plug-in looks and feels like a "regular" car, its battery can be plugged in and charged at any outlet at home or in a parking garage, allowing 20 to 60 miles of all electric driving. It’s like having an electric car with an insurance policy – you fill up at home from a standard outlet, at an equivalent cost of under $1/gallon, and when your battery runs out, your car operates as a regular fuel-efficient hybrid.

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50 Simple Things50 Simple Things, the revolutionary 1990 bestseller, has just been re-released in an updated and revised edition! Friends of the Earth has provided the first action people can take to save the earth -- Bring Back the Electric Car. Whether a plug-in hybrid or a full-electric car, fueling our cars from 100% renewable energy is the ultimate solution to air pollution and global warming.


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A report from the Electric Power Research Institute examines how cars powered by the electric grid can positively affect air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Read more...

Plug-ins in the News


Electric Car

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Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car?A great murder mystery to watch with friends. Who killed the electric car? And, more importantly, why? Chris Paine's informative documentary tracks down the culprits and explores why so many people were involved in the death of the electric car. From GM and other automakers who pulled the plug (or literally crushed) the electric car in its prime, to the regulators who allowed them to do so, Paine deftly weaves history with current events and interviews drivers, politicians, and activists. Watch this fascinating film -- and help us bring back the electric car.