Statement by Brent Blackwelder
President, Friends of the Earth Action
October 14, 2007
Dover, New Hampshire

I'm here today to announce Friends of the Earth Action's enthusiastic endorsement of John Edwards for President.

We are endorsing John Edwards because we believe he is the candidate most committed, and best prepared, to halt global warming and promote a healthy, livable planet for our families and our future.

After seven years of George Bush -- the worst, most destructive environmental president in modern history -- it is time for change -- and it's time for action.

John Edwards will bring dramatic improvement to our nation's environmental policies. Most importantly, he will bring leadership on the preeminent environmental issue of our time -- the global warming crisis.

John Edwards has set the pace among presidential candidates on global warming. Among the leading Democratic candidates, he has led the way with the best, most comprehensive program to halt global warming.

John Edwards will:

? Cap and reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.
? Commit America and lead the world toward a new global climate change treaty.

? Lead America into a new energy economy -- by creating a New Energy Economy Fund -- to invest in clean, renewable energy that creates a million new jobs.

Those are big goals and big ideas.

In fact, from the very beginning of his campaign, John Edwards has built his candidacy on three big issues -- ending war, ending poverty and ending global warming. No other candidate has made that commitment -- or made protecting the earth so central to the heart of their candidacy.

Among the leading candidates, John Edwards has also distinguished himself by firmly rejecting the idea of reviving and expanding nuclear power. Building a nuclear power plant in Seabrook, New Hampshire was a bad idea 30 years ago -- and it is a bad idea today.

While other leading presidential candidates have refused to rule out nuclear power -- John Edwards has courageously and unambiguously said no. He has said what we all know to be true -- that nuclear power is too costly, too dangerous and a terrifying target for terrorist attack.

In our view, you cannot tell New Hampshire citizens who live in the shadow of the Seabrook Station that you are "agnostic" about or favor "exploring" nuclear power. You simply cannot equivocate when the safety of our children and our nation is at stake.

John Edwards has also had the courage to take a stand against the corporate lobbyists and special interests that have so driven environmental policies in the Bush Administration. When you refuse to take money from the lobbyists for big oil and big coal, you can pursue the kind of policies that protect our water, our air and our land.

In an Edwards White House, the Vice-President won't be holding secret meetings with corporate oil, mining, and utility executives and lobbyists so they can rewrite scientific documents and lie about the facts. In an Edwards White House, environmentally concerned citizens will have a voice -- and big campaign cash will not drive environmental policy.

Friends of the Earth Action was founded in 1969 by David Brower, and for decades has been at the forefront of efforts to create a more healthy and just world. Along with our sister organization, we are the U.S. voice of the world's largest environmental federation, with member groups in 71 countries, and over 100,000 members and supporters in the United States.

In this campaign we intend to mobilize our members, like-minded environmentalists and voters for the election of John Edwards as President. We intend to be especially active here in New Hampshire, establishing an independent campaign and organization to carry the message about John Edwards' global warming plan and his vision for a healthy environment.

Early in this presidential campaign, John Edwards said, "Our generation must be the one that says, 'we must halt global warming.' It won't be easy, but it is time to ask the American people to be patriotic about something other than war."

Ending global warming won't be easy, but the effort is critical to our survival. We at Friends of the Earth Action believe the patriot to lead us in the effort is John Edwards.