Lieberman-Warner Not Fixed--Now Ditched!

The Lieberman-Warner global warming bill has officially been pulled from the floor. While the bill would not have done what scientists say we must do to reduce global warming pollution and did not deserve to become law, Friends of the Earth Action wanted a debate and the chance to make this bill better. Unfortunately, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his Republican allies would not allow debate on amendments that could have significantly strengthened the bill.

The climate crisis threatens our health, economy and way of life, and bold legislative action is urgently needed. Looking forward to 2009, the Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate must advance strong bills that inspire environmentalists and progressives across the country to take action and that can ultimately earn the support of all Americans.

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The Campaign to "Fix or Ditch" Lieberman-Warner

After years of ignoring global warming, the U.S. Senate finally considered legislation to cap greenhouse gas pollution. Unfortunately, the Lieberman-Warner bill lavished up to $500 billion on the fossil fuels industries responsible for global warming, and in return asked for reduction targets well below what scientists say are necessary.

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Friends of the Earth Action believes global warming legislation must:

Support a 100 percent auction of carbon permits and get rid of the obscene giveaways to polluters -- polluters must pay.

Set pollution reduction targets that go to work right away and keep in step with evolving science.

New research indicates that the planet is warming more quickly than almost anyone had expected, so we must hope for a new Congress and White House that can pass a stronger bill next year.


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