2003 Press Releases


Mad Cow Rules May Have Been Violated by Other Washington State Firms;
FDA Database from March 2002 Shows More Problem Companies from 1998 to 2002 - Dec. 26, 2003

Mad Cow Rules Violated by Feed Mills in Washington State
USDA and FDA Asked to Investigate Possible Connection to First Mad Cow Incidence - Dec. 24, 2003

Groups Blast Weak OECD Agreement on the Environment to be Signed by Bush Administration
Loopholes Allow Export Credit Support for Harmful Projects to Continue - Dec. 11, 2003


Special Interest Energy Bill Put on Ice
Statement of Sara Zdeb, Friends of the Earth Legislative Director - Nov. 25, 2003

Cooking the Books: Scorching the Planet
New Report Shows Companies are Hiding Climate Change-Related Risks - Nov. 24, 2003

Friends of the Earth Targets Swing Senators with Major Ad Campaign
Energy Bill a Payoff for Polluters - Nov. 19, 2003

Energy Bill Dumps $6 Billion in New Tax Credits to the Nuclear Power Industry - Nov. 17, 2003

Friends of the Earth Blasts World Bank Group's Approval of the Controversial Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline - Nov. 4, 2003

Public Interest Groups Call on Government to Stop Hiding Critical Information about Iraq Contracts
Government Contracts With Bechtel and Halliburton Remain Shrouded in Secrecy - Nov. 4, 2003


Consumers in More than 250 Locations Call on Kraft Foods to Stop Putting Human Health and the Environment at Risk - Oct. 28, 2003

UN Must Address Corporate Involvement in Congo Conflict - Oct. 27, 2003

National Ads Target Polluting Paybacks in Congressional Energy Bill - Oct. 23, 2003

States, Environmental Groups Challenge Bush on Global Warming
Twelve Attorneys General Challenge Politically Charged EPA Pollution Ruling - Oct. 23, 2003

Pork Barrel Energy Bill's Cost Could Soar Higher Than Expected - Oct. 16, 2003

Vermont Residents, Environmentalists Sue to Stop Construction of Circumferential Highway for Violation of Federal Laws - Oct. 15, 2003

Mad Cow Prevention Rules Violated by 300 U.S. Companies
FDA Asked to Take Action to Protect Public Health and Farmers - Oct. 10, 2003

New Charges Filed Against Interior Solicitor
As Solicitor Resigns from Top Lawyer Post - Oct. 2, 2003

Leaked Documents Reveal World Bank Set to Threaten Pillar of Georgia's Economy
Oil Pipeline Takes Precedence Over Mineral Water and Tourism Industries in the Caspian - Oct. 1, 2003


Opposition to the nomination of Governor Mike Leavitt as EPA administrator
Statement of Sara Zdeb, Friends of the Earth Legislative Director- Sept. 23, 2003

New Report by Environmental Defense, Friends of the Earth and International Rivers Network Counters the World Bank's "High Risk/High Reward" Development Strategy - Sept. 19, 2003
Download Gambling with People's Lives

Inter-American Development Bank Blasted for Backing Risky Camisea Project in Peru
Rainforests, Indigenous Lives and Marine Reserves at Stake - Sept. 10, 2003

Public Bank to Decide on Bush-Cheney Amazon Drilling Plan
Bianca Jagger Arrives in D.C. in Final Push to Defend Peru's Rainforest
Press Interviews with Ms. Jagger Upon Request - Sept. 9, 2003

Hollywood Stars Rally for the Rainforest
Bianca Jagger, Sting, Ruben Blades, Kevin Bacon, Susan Sarandon, Chevy Chase and More Urge Presidents Bush and Toledo: "Don't Finance the Destruction of Peru's Amazon Rainforest" - Sept. 4, 2003


U.S. Government Agency Rejects Financing for Destructive Gas Project in Perus Amazon:
Safeguards for Indigenous Rights and the Rainforests Respected - Aug. 28, 2003
Broadcast Quality Footage and Photos Available

Peru's Camisea Project Tip Sheet: Update on Rainforest Destruction - Aug. 26, 2003

Statement of Friends of the Earth on the nomination of Governor Mike Leavitt as EPA administrator - Aug. 13, 2003

Public Financing Delayed Again For Destructive Gas Project in Peru's Amazon
Hollywood Celebrities Urge President Bush to Safeguard Indigenous Rights and the Rainforests - Aug. 5, 2003

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Interior Solicitor
Interior's Top Lawyer May Have Violated Ethics Agreement - Aug. 5, 2003

Senate Energy Compromise is a Bad Deal for the Environment - Aug. 1, 2003


Public Financing Delayed For Destructive Pipeline in Peruvian Amazon
Camisea Is Risky Business - July 30, 2003

Internal Bank Report Blasts the Camisea Gas Project
U.S. Ex-Im Delays Vote on Loan to Hunt Oil
Turning a Blind Eye to Project Risks, IDB to Give Green Light on Wednesday
Amazon Watch Video Released Today Shows Tragedy in the Making: Massive Landslides, Choking Rivers, Rainforest Destruction, Suffering Indigenous Communities - July 28, 2003

Court Orders Polluter to Pay $2.34 Million for Clean Water Act Violations
Friends of the Earth claims victory - July 25, 2003

Controversy over Biotech Food Hits Downtown Chicago Food Conference
Protesters say biotech companies misleading the world not feeding the world - July 16, 2003

Members of Congress, Investors Highlight Need For SEC Action to Ensure Corporate Disclosure of Environmental & Social Information - July 10, 2003

Similar to Obesity, Biotech Weighs on Kraft
At Major Chicago Food Conferences, Coalition Calls for Kraft to Stop Putting Consumers at Risk - July 10, 2003


U.N. Treaty Regulating Biotech Crops To Become Law - June 13, 2003

World Bank Prepares to Sabotage Its Own Investments
Starts Approval Process for Controversial Oil Pipeline, Neglects New Information - June 12, 2003

Hostage Crisis in Peru Exposes Fundamentally Flawed Camisea Project
Environmental Group Renews Call for Cancellation of Public Loans - June 11, 2003

Groups Call for Iraq Contracts to Be Made Public
Freedom of Information Request Filed on Bechtel and Halliburton Contracts - June 5, 2003

Global Call for Moratorium on Controversial Caspian Pipeline
Groups in 29 Countries Lobby World Bank and Governments - June 5, 2003

Environmental, Ethics Groups Call for Investigation of J. Steven Griles
Lawsuit Filed to Obtain Information about Payments from Previous Employer and Meetings with Former Mining, Oil and Gas Industry Clients - June 3, 2003


U.S. Trade Challenge of Engineered Foods Suffers Setback
Egypt Withdraws from U.S. WTO Coalition Eliminating Support in Africa - May 28, 2003

Whitman Resignation Leaves Legacy of Polluted Water, Dirty Air and Unhealthy Communities - May 21, 2003

USDA Sold Potentially Toxic Corn to Food and Feed Handler
May Have Violated Cargill Policy and Monsanto Grower Agreement - May 16, 2003

Coal Dump on Capitol Lawn
Protestors "Spill" One Ton of Polluting Rocks - May 15, 2003

Group Blasts Bush Administration for Attempt to Force GMO Food Down European Throats
Says that Administration Is Catering to Big Biotech Interests - May 13, 2003

Prestigious Panel Speaks Out About Massive Subsidies to the Fossil Fuel Industry on Capitol Hill
When the Cato Institute and Friends of the Earth Agree, It Pays to Listen - May 12, 2003

Taxpayer and Environmental Coalition Targets $58 Billion In Wasteful, Environmentally Harmful Programs - May 8, 2003

Camisea Project Sparks Protest by Amazon Indigenous Peoples at Inter-American Development Bank - May 7, 2003


Groups File Claim Against BP and Pipeline Partners in 5 Countries
Companies Violating International Norms in Controversial Caspian Oil Pipeline - April 29, 2003

"Green Nobel Prizes" to Go to Three Individuals
Nominated by Friends of the Earth - April 14, 2003


SBA to Implement New Environmental Policies to Settle Conservationists' Lawsuit
Conservation Groups Applaud Nationwide Settlement to Address Concerns Over Sprawl and Other Environmental Impacts of SBA's Programs - March 27, 2003

Inter-American Development Bank President Iglesias Admits Serious Flaws in Camisea Gas Project:
Still No Commitment to Loan - March 23, 2003

Groups Applaud Governor's Action to Make Polluters, Not Taxpayers, Pay to Protect California's Air and Water - March 19, 2003


Bush Aligns with Repressive Regime in Pursuit of Oil - Feb. 26, 2003

U.S. Public Banks Back in the Spotlight Over Financing for Camisea Gas Project in Peru's Amazon Heartland
Hunt Oil - Ally to President Bush Faces Renewed Controversy As Disease Rocks Camisea - Feb. 25, 2003

Groups File Suit to Halt Logging in Green Mountain National Forest - Feb. 19, 2003

BPA Gets a Valentine Gift from Federal Taxpayers - Feb. 14, 2003

$110 million StarLink Settlement Deemed Largest Biotech Liability Payment - Feb. 7, 2003

There He Goes Again: Bush Budget Bashes The Environment
A Backgrounder - Feb. 5, 2003

Statement of Erich Pica, economic policy analyst, on the Bush Budget
- Feb. 5. 2003

Groups Release New Report Showing How to Cut $1 Billion Out of the General Fund While Protecting the Environment
Controller Steve Westly Endorses Report that Focuses on "Polluter Pays" Fees; Fees Would Free Up Scarce General Fund Dollars for Other Critical Social Programs - Feb. 4, 2003

Bush Budget Slashes Environmental Spending
2004 Budget Shortchanges Clean Water, Land Acquisition - Feb. 3, 2003


Bush State of the Union Delivers Only Deceits and Delays on Genuine Environmental Protection - Jan. 29, 2003

Groups Reveal That USDA Sold Suspect Corn,
Express Alarm About Where It May End Up - Jan. 23, 2003

Building Trust Requires Disclosure
New Report Highlights U.S. Multinationals' Irresponsible Human Rights, Environmental and Labor Records - Jan. 22, 2003

Pressure Groups Target the Private Banks Behind Corporate Misdeeds
Launch Collevecchio Declaration on Financial Institutions at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland - Jan. 21, 2003

Senate Appropriations Bill Would Extend Unwarranted Insurance Subsidies to Proposed New Nuclear Reactors
Groups Urge Opposition to Price-Anderson Rider - Jan. 17, 2003

Environmental Group Hails Vote to Restore Amtrak Funding - Jan. 17, 2003