2002 Press Releases


City of Oakland, Calif., Joins Global Warming Lawsuit in Unanimous City Council Vote
U.S. Government Agencies Charged With Illegally Funding Fossil Fuel Projects - Dec. 18, 2002

17-Month Campaign Ends With Tree Bill Passage
Coalition Formed to Help Pass Bill 14-307 (Tree Bill) Thanks Council for Larger Trees - Dec. 17, 2002

Washington State Bans Genetically Engineered Fish
Nation's Toughest Regulations on Biotech Salmon Come Amid Rising Concern over Impacts Genetic Engineering Poses to U.S. Food Supply - Dec. 11, 2002


'Prestige' Oil Tanker Sinking Today
Make Oil Companies Liable for Damage, says Friends of the Earth - Nov. 19, 2002

Biopharmaceutical Contamination Could Be: AIDS Vaccine or Blood Thickener
Coalition to File Legal Petition Demanding Immediate Halt of Experimental Biopharmaceuticals Grown on Farms - Nov. 14, 2002

Reckless USDA Policy Fails to Keep Biopharmaceuticals Out of Food Supply
Coalition Calls on the USDA for Contamination Information Including Name of Drug or Chemical Being Withheld - Nov. 13, 2002

Environmentalists Seek Court's Help to Clean Up Anacostia River
EPA's Pollution Standards for River too Lenient, Violate Clean Water Act - Nov. 1, 2002


Labeling Proponents Launch Multimedia Ad Campaign
Challenging Corporate Deep Pockets - Oct. 21, 2002

Protection of American Consumers and Farmers from Potentially Toxic Corn Demanded
Advocates Bring Corn to Steps of USDA Offices in Des Moines - Oct. 8, 2002

Iowa Court Fails to Preserve Potentially Vital Evidence in Suspect Corn Case
Cattle Suffering Reproductive Problems Ordered Sold; Shipment Scheduled to Start 1p.m. Today - Oct. 7, 2002

Friends of the Earth Analysis
Testing of Corn and Cattle Should Be Completed - Oct. 7, 2002


Iowa Farmers Union Asks For Testing on Suspect Corn - Sept. 30, 2002

Cooking the Books, Scorching the Planet
Report Reveals How Companies Hide Environmental Risks & Violate SEC Rules - Sept. 30, 2002

Groups Demand that Bush Oust #2 at Interior Over Ethics Violations
Release Documents Revealing J. Steven Griles Involved in Decisions Benefiting Energy Companies that were His Clients - Sept. 25, 2002

World Bank: Friends of the Earth hosts members from around the world for peaceful protests and face-to-face meetings with top Bank officials.


Bush Administration Facing Storm of Global Warming Criticism
Major Climate Change Lawsuit Filed; Leaked White House Document Exposed - Aug. 28, 2002

Global Warming Victims Sue the United States for Illegally Funding Fossil Fuel Projects
Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and City of Boulder Team Up to Bring Suit - Aug. 27, 2002

Free Trade Takeover of The Earth Summit
United States and EU Bullying Revealed on First Day of Talks - Aug. 25, 2002

Friends of the Earth Criticizes White House Logging Policy - Aug. 22, 2002

Congressman George Miller (D-Calif.), Leading Environmental, Human Rights and Development Groups to Give Briefing on Earth Summit with a Live Update from Johannesburg - Aug. 22, 2002

Another Foreign Policy Blunder
Bush Snubs Earth Summit, Other World Leaders Press Release - Aug. 20, 2002

Far Right-Wing Lobbyists Call Upon President Bush to Snub Earth Summit
Funding from Big Oil Exposed - Aug. 15, 2002

Cloned Animals Suffer Death, Deformities According to Leading Journal Articles - Aug. 13, 2002


Drugs and Chemicals will Contaminate Food Supply Concludes New Report
More than 300 Field Trials of Genetically Engineered Biopharmaceuticals Crops Already Conducted in Secret Locations Nationwide - July 11, 2002


Alabama Beaches Get Court Protection From Large Condo Developments
Federal Judge Blocks Permits Issued by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - June 20, 2002

Lawsuit Challenges Economic Basis for Ancient Forest Logging - June 18, 2002

Critics of World Bank-Financed "White Elephant" Project to Demonstrate Today - June 17, 2002

Leading Environmental Group Honors Brown, Ohio Representative Receives "Friend of the Earth" Award - June 11, 2002

Illegal Genetically Engineered StarLink Corn Contaminates Food Aid Other Types Not Approved by the E.U. Also Found
Global Leaders at World Food Summit Asked to Prevent Further Contamination - June 10, 2002

Statement of Erich Pica, Economic Policy Analyst On the repeal of the Estate Tax - June 10, 2002


Coalition of 26 Taxpayer, Environmental and Consumer Groups Offer Alternative Solutions Crisis
New report Identifies $28 Billion in Wasteful Programs that Pollute the Environment, Hurt the Economy, and Endanger Public Health to California's Budget- May 14, 2002

Pet Cloning Death and Deformity Details Pursued under Freedom of Information Act by Humane Society and Friends of the Earth
Groups Call Upon Texas A&M to Inform the Public About Controversial Research - May 8, 2002

Budget Cuts to Devastate Coal Communities in Appalachia
Bush Administration to Slash Funds Vital for Clean Up of Thousands of Abandoned Mines, Putting Citizens Health and Safety at Risk - May 8, 2002

House Members to Denounce Clean Water Act Rollback at Press Conference - May 7, 2002


Green Scissors Exposes $54 billion in Wasteful Federal Spending that Harms the Environment
Taxpayer and Environmental Groups Target 78 Pork-Barrel Programs - April 11, 2002

Coalition of Taxpayers, Consumer and Environmentalists Targets Yucca Mountain Project
New Report Lists Proposed Nuclear Repository Among Top 10 Wasteful and Environmentally Harmful Federal Projects - April 11, 2002

Taxpayers, Environmentalists Target Fishing Quotas
New report Demands National Standards that will Discourage Wasteful Fishing Practices and Protect Fishing Communities - April 11, 2002

Friends of the Earth Receives Net Services Software Donation from Novell - April 10, 2002