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"… McCain is not endorsing the Warner-Lieberman bill 'because it doesn't include the nuclear issue by name...'"
"One big change that he'd [McCain would] like to see in the Lieberman-Warner bill is more explicit support for nuclear energy."
"The Arizona senator doomed his own global warming legislation with billions in nuclear subsidies."
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Senator McCain: Stop Pushing Pork for Corporate Polluters!

Senator John McCainThe Lieberman-Warner global warming bill already gives a trillion dollars to polluters. Yet, Senator McCain wants to add provisions for nuclear power into the Lieberman-Warner bill, and in so doing, he would be stacking the deck with more corporate giveaways.

As Senator McCain has pledged to "clean up the planet," he should start taking legislative actions that are consistent with those convictions.  Opposing polluter giveaways in the Lieberman-Warner bill should be the first step.

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