Don't let this little piggy go to market

Friends of the Earth's artistic rendering of EnviropigTM

Pig photo credit: Ben Dodson 2009
Mouse photo credit: Matt Brett 2006

Tell the FDA not to approve the Enviropig™

Canadian researchers have recently created a genetically engineered pig by combining pig genes with genes from a mouse and E. Coli bacteria. The "Enviropig™," as the researchers have named it, has been engineered to contain smaller amounts of phosphorus in its droppings than a normal pig. The Enviropig™ will allow the pork industry to put more animals on factory farms, produce more waste, and continue to over-spread manure on land.

The Canadian government is in the process of approving the Enviropig™ for production, human consumption, and export. The researchers have also submitted the Enviropig™ to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market it for human consumption in the United States.

But the FDA will only be evaluating the Enviropig™ on whether or not there is less phosphorus in its manure, and will not make a determination on whether the Enviropig™ is safe for human consumption. And the FDA won't be conducting its own testing -- its approval will depend on materials provided by the researchers who developed the Enviropig™ and who obviously want it approved for marketing in the United States.

That means your voice is critical. Sign the letter below telling the FDA not to approve the Enviropig™.

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