Get Oil Out of WashingtonThe corporate control of our government -- and in particular, the influence of oil and gas money --  has endangered our environment and the people who depend on it.  The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is a tragic example of what can result from this corrupt political process.

We are collecting signatures and distributing them to each member of Congress to build public pressure on them to give their BP money -- and all their oil and gas industry contributions -- to the Gulf recovery effort.

Sign the petition below and work with us to eradicate dirty oil and gas industry influence from the halls of Congress.

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is the most egregious example of what happens when the cozy relationship between oil and gas lobbyists and Congress corrupts the legislative process.

All members of Congress who have taken oil and gas contributions should donate that money to Gulf of Mexico recovery efforts and reject all future dirty oil cash.

Congress can take a stand today and send a clear message to those suffering along the Gulf coast that its relationship with BP and other gas and oil lobbyists is coming to an end.
This petition is no longer active.