The FDA wants to hear from you

GE Salmon endanger Atlantic SalmonFor the first time ever, the federal Food and Drug Administration is considering allowing a genetically modified animal to enter the food supply.

The animal, a genetically modified salmon known as the frankenfish, grows twice as fast as its natural counterparts. If it escapes into the wild, it could wreak havoc on the marine environment, threatening wild Atlantic salmon populations with extinction. The frankenfish also poses potential health risks to people -- and not just those who eat it. One major concern is the vast amounts of antibiotics that could be required for frankenfish production. The widespread use of these antibiotics may increase the spread of drug-resistant bacteria and viruses.

An FDA committee is meeting later this month to discuss the frankenfish, and public comments are due by September 16. Please use the form below to join us in telling the FDA that there's no good argument for introducing the frankenfish into our food supply.

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GE Salmon Endangers Atlantic Salmon