Tell Congress: Save Our Tax Dollars -- and Our Planet!

Save Tax Dollars -- and the PlanetFor more than thirty years, Congress has heavily subsidized the production of dirty corn ethanol. The corporate interests behind ethanol production have already received $5.4 billion in tax credits this year alone. Fortunately, we have a chance to stop this corporate giveaway at the end of this year.

There are bills in Congress right now that would extend subsidies on bad biofuels for another five years, costing taxpayers $31 billion -- but we can defeat these bills.

These subsidies go mostly to the "Big Oil" companies, even though the oil companies are already legally required to purchase ethanol under the Renewable Fuels Standard passed by Congress in 2007. In essence, we are paying Big Oil to simply follow the rules.

We, the people, can’t afford to keep throwing money at polluters. Tell your members of Congress that we don't want any more of our taxpayer dollars supporting subsidies to Big Oil for ethanol.

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