Congratulate Biofool of the Year Tom Vilsack!

2011 Biofool of the Year, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack!

Happy Biofools Day! More than 6,000 votes were cast and the results are in!

With 2,424 votes -- more than the total number cast last year -- the 2011 Biofool of the Year is Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack! There’s no doubt he deserves it; with Secretary Vilsack at the helm, the USDA has doubled down on its support for corn ethanol and biofuels.

Congratulate Secretary Vilsack on earning this honor and thank him for his efforts to promote dirty biofuels at the expense of a comprehensive agriculture policy that would help American farmers who grow food!  We will deliver your signatures, along with an award, to Secretary Vilsack later this month.

Dear Secretary Vilsack,

We, the undersigned, write to congratulate you for being voted Biofool of the Year by Friends of the Earth activists! Despite evidence that U.S. agriculture policy supports biofuels that are harmful to the environment, contribute more to global warming than gasoline, and contribute to food insecurity globally, you continue to stand up for the expansion of this industry.

You could advocate for changes to our agricultural policies that help small, sustainable family farms grow healthful and nutritious food, but instead you support Band-Aid policies that ultimately serve the interests of corporations.

You justify your support for ethanol subsidies because you think ethanol subsidies support farmers. Yet ethanol subsidies go to refiners, not farmers, and less than 20 percent of America’s ethanol is produced in farmer-owned refineries. The other 80 percent is produced by conglomerates like Archer Daniels Midland and Big Oil companies.

Again, congratulations on being named Friends of the Earth’s 2011 Biofool of the Year!
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