Tell your senators: End biofuel subsidies

BREAKING: On Thursday, June 16, the Senate voted 73-27 to end ethanol blender tax credits, a $6 billion dollar annual giveaway for dirty corn ethanol. Sign up to receive action alerts from Friends of the Earth for updates on this story as it develops!

For more than thirty years, Congress has heavily subsidized the production of dirty corn ethanol. The corporate interests behind corn ethanol production are due to receive $6 billion in tax credits this year. But Senators Coburn and Feinstein are working to end the subsidies by July 1 and save taxpayers billions of dollars.

These subsidies go mostly to Big Oil, even though oil companies are already legally required to purchase ethanol under the Renewable Fuels Standard passed by Congress in 2007. In essence, we are paying Big Oil to simply follow the rules. Now, the dirty corn ethanol industry is asking for additional funds for pipelines and pumps so that more corn ethanol can enter the market. Senator McCain is working to prevent this bait-and-switch with his own amendment that could also be voted on this week!

Tell your senators to support efforts to end subsidies for dirty corn ethanol now.

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