Tell U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to protect our voting rights!

Across the country, our right to vote is coming under attack. After a Supreme Court decision dismantled a key part of the Voting Rights Act, states have been moving to pass laws that would keep the elderly, people of color, and low-income voters away from the polls.

With this recent ruling, the Department of Justice lost its power to deny restrictions some states would make on who can vote where, when and with what ID. Already, states such as Texas and North Carolina have started implementing voter ID laws that will make it harder for many people to vote in future elections.

It's bad enough that this decision rolls back decades of civil rights progress, but it's also an early Christmas present to politicians in the pockets of Big Oil and other polluters. Our elections need to be as fair and accessible as possible so all of us can vote for candidates who will fight for clear air, water and energy.

Luckily, Attorney General Eric Holder has the power to sue states that enact voter suppression laws. We're calling on him to promise to challenge any state that tries to pass one of these voter suppression laws.

Lend us your voice below by telling Attorney Genery Holder to stand up to any state and protect our voting rights.

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