Don't let the Pacific NW become a thoroughfare for Big Oil

The Pacific Northwest is on the front line of the fight against dirty fossil fuel exports.

Right now there are proposals in Grays Harbor, WA, to receive tar sands and Bakken shale crude oil by rail, transfer it onto tankers and ship it out through Grays Harbor.

These proposals bring serious risks to Washington’s communities, economy and environment and the entire Pacific Northwest. Bakken crude oil is highly volatile, tar sands  ncredibly toxic and corrosive, the train cars being used old and unsafe -- and a safe way to transport these dangerous crude oils has yet to be found, as many recent train accidents and oil spills across North America have shown.

Now is your chance to express your opposition and weigh in on what you think should be part of the evaluation of two of the three proposed oil export terminals in Grays Harbor -- Westway Terminal Company and Imperium Terminal Services -- from increased risk of oil spills, to train traffic tying up our communities, to impacts on public health and our marine waters.

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