Tell Method and Ecover: “GMOs 2.0” don’t belong in “natural” “eco-friendly” soap

 Are two of the most “eco-friendly” cleaning and personal care products companies, Method and Ecover, about to become the poster children for GMOs 2.0: synthetic biology?

Ecover, a leader in green soaps, has announced its plans to use a new ingredient, an oil produced with synthetic biology (synbio), an extreme form of genetic engineering. This new ingredient is made in vats of genetically engineered synbio algae that exist nowhere in nature, but Method and Ecover plan to keep marketing their products as “natural” and “sustainable.”

This ingredient was created in labs using synthetic DNA and reprogrammed, genetically engineered algae which feed on sugar. Like traditional GMOs, the products of synthetic biology are virtually unregulated, haven’t been adequately assessed for impacts on our health or environment, and aren’t required to be labeled.  While other types of pollution can be cleaned up and do not breed, synbio organisms are designed to reproduce and, once released into the environment, they will be impossible to recall. 

Tell Ecover and Method to come clean and stay true to their values by not using this untested, unregulated and unlabeled experimental genetically engineered oil in their products.

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