Tell the EPA: Stop the expansion of Enlist Duo

The EPA recently made an enormous toxic mistake -- and now, we need your help to stop them from making it worse. 

In October, the EPA approved the use of a new pesticide, Enlist Duo, produced by Dow Chemical, in six Midwestern states. Enlist Duo is a dangerous mix of glyphosate -- the chief ingredient in Roundup -- and 2,4-D, a key component in the Vietnam War defoliant Agent Orange.

This is terrible news -- not only for our planet, but for us as well. 2,4-D has been linked to serious health issues including cancer, Parkinson’s disease and reproductive harm.

Why are we taking these risks? So Dow Chemical can make more profits.

Now the EPA is considering extending approval of Enlist Duo to ten more states. The EPA is accepting comments on this decision until December 15th, so we need you to act NOW to stop it!

Tell the EPA: NO more 2,4-D on our crops! 

We only have until December 15th to comment: Tell the EPA: we don't want more 2,4-D on our crops!

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