Send the World Bank a Message: Cut the Coal!

The World Bank is considering a $3.75 billion loan to South African electric company Eskom that would help finance one of the largest dirty coal plants in the world. At the same time, Eskom plans to use the project as an excuse to raise electric rates on South Africa’s poorest citizens.

U.S. officials can intervene to stop this loan prior to the World Bank’s April 6 meeting. Please encourage them to do so via our photo petition, which we'll personally deliver to the lawmakers who have the power to impact the World Bank's decision.

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Here’s how you can participate:

1. Take a photo of yourself holding this sign (Click here to open and print (pdf)) or a sign of your own making that bears a similar message. Please add your name and your state at the bottom.

2. E-mail a copy of the picture to us at

3. We’ll upload the photos you e-mail us to our Flickr account.

4. We will deliver copies of the petition to U.S. officials who can influence the project, including Senators John Kerry and Patrick Leahy, House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

5. Help us spread the word about the photo petition by using the tools to the right. We have a short timeframe to stop this dirty coal loan!

If you're camera shy, you can also click here to sign our written petition to stop this dirty coal loan.

World Bank--Quit Coal