Tell Ace and True Value to stop selling bee-killing pesticides!

1-800-897-3112 to be connected to True Value. 


Here is a sample script of what to say:

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a concerned customer. I urge you to stop selling bee-killing neonic pesticides, as well as plants pre-treated with these pesticides, to protect honey bees and other pollinators essential to our food supply and the environment. I appreciate that the company announced that it is willing to phase out neonicotinoid products as new and appropriate replacements are offered by suppliers. However, as a loyal customer, I urge the company to adopt a formal policy, or at the very least, issue a guidance to all of its member locations, recommending that stores work to phase out neonicotinoids in all plants and products that they sell as quickly as possible.

Over 65 other garden retailers including Home Depot, Lowe’s and Costco have taken steps to eliminate neonics from the garden plants that they sell. Already, 74 percent of growers who supply large garden retailers with their plants have said they would not use neonics this year. As a top retail chain, it would be unfortunate if your company chooses not to move with the rest of the industry on this issue. Please pass this valentine and my concerns on to your corporate headquarters.

Thank you. 

After you call True Value, make the call to Ace!

Dial 1-866-290-5334 and press 6 to be connected to Ace's customer service line. 


Thank you for taking action to save bees from toxic pesticides!

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