Environmental Groups Go Caroling in House and Senate

December 20, 2007

For Immediate Release

Nick Berning, 202-222-0748 (Friends of the Earth)
Virginia Cramer, 202-675-6279 (Sierra Club)

Songs focus on omnibus bill's gifts to nuclear and coal

WASHINGTON—Carolers visited House and Senate offices today to draw attention to the omnibus spending bill's handouts for the nuclear and coal industries by singing "omnibus carols."

Hits such as "Nuclear is Coming to Town" and "Kick the Coal," set to the music of traditional Christmas carols, were used to call attention to the massive $20.5 billion in loan guarantees for nuclear power and $8 billion for coal that are contained in the bill. Participants said that rather than satisfy the wish lists of dirty energy industries, Congress should be stuffing Americans' stockings with investments in safer, cleaner energy alternatives.

One particular area of concern was the potential that some of the loan guarantees could be used for the production of extremely dirty liquid coal—which could increase global warming pollution by replacing gasoline in cars and trucks.

"Instead of financing dirty coal we should be investing in efficiency and renewable energy so that our children can do more than just dream of a white Christmas," said Alice McKeown of the Sierra Club.

Carolers found the rest of the bill's coal and nuclear subsidies to be equally unwelcome.

"Rather than subsidize Old King Coal and Naughty Nukes, we want a New Year's resolution to promote cleaner alternatives like wind and solar," said Erich Pica of Friends of the Earth.

Song lyrics are available at http://www.foe.org/omnibus/OmnibusCarols.pdf.