Tell Graco: Be an Industry Leader and End the Use of Halogenated Fire Retardants

Mother and her child

Halogenated fire retardants have been linked to serious health disorders such as cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption, reproductive and brain dysfunction and learning disabilities. Infants and children are especially vulnerable.

Friends of the Earth conducted tests on a range of baby and children’s products from the giant manufacturer Graco. We found high levels of halogenated fire retardants in Graco’s portable cribs, infant carriers, car seats, strollers, bassinets and walkers. Graco did respond to our report the day it was published and said that it wanted to do the right thing, but refused to commit to ending its use of these fire retardants in their children's products.

Friends of the Earth believes that Graco takes the safety and well-being of the families who use their products seriously.  Urge Graco to discontinue using halogenated fire retardants in all of their product lines as soon as possible by filling out the form below.

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July 16, 2018


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