Our Issues

Energy and Global Warming Campaign

According to the recent release of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report, it is "unequivocal" that the earth's climate is warming due to human activity.  According to the IPCC, there is greater than a 90 percent likelihood that increased concentrations of man-made, heat-trapping gases caused most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since 1950.  Friends of the Earth Action believes that politicians who  equate inaction with moderation are flat wrong and need to come around or be replaced.

Tax and Budget Reform

Currently, budget and tax policies promote the construction of highways and roads at the expense of public transportation, provide more than $31 billion in oil and gas industry subsidies, and encourage the mining and use of coal by offering ten of billions of dollars in federal incentives. Given the enormity of the global warming crisis, the federal government should not subsidize activities that contribute to the problem.  Friends of the Earth Action believes that our tax and budget policies should not only stop rewarding global suicide, but should also create a framework that prioritizes future sustainability.

Stopping the Resurgence of Nuclear Power

The proponents of nuclear power are seizing on the global warming crisis to convince the general public and law makers to subsidize the construction of a new generation of nuclear power plants.  Nuclear power plants threaten national security and pose substantial risks as we figure out how to dispose of their radioactive waste. In 2006, Friends of the Earth organized a national conference to jump-start the anti-nuclear power movement, and Friends of the Earth Action will be dogging the candidates and office holders who fail to stand up against the nuclear latest push.

Promoting Global Environmental Justice

Friends of the Earth Action looks beyond our borders to the impacts of natural resource and energy policies abroad -- impacts including ongoing global warming. The serious harm caused by overexploitation of resources and global and local pollution falls most heavily on the world’s poorest, especially in developing countries. U.S. consumers and financiers often have a role and responsibility in this phenomenon and that means the onus is on the United States to act.  Friends of the Earth Action is working for laws and lawmakers who value international environmental protection and poverty alleviation -- who will ensure that U.S. foreign policy considers the ecological consequences for all on our planet.