April 28, 2008

For Immediate Release

Nick Berning, 202-222-0748

Voinovich Global Warming Bill ‘Repugnant and Immoral’

Attempt to block mandatory pollution reductions puts supporters’ electoral future at risk in short term, humanity’s future at risk in long run

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder had the following response to the global warming legislation introduced today by Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio):

“This phony bill does not require mandatory reductions in global warming pollution. It’s Bush reincarnated—a repeat of the do-nothing policies of the last eight years, and an attempt to provide pollution-supporting senators a way to appear as though they are addressing global warming without actually doing so. Global warming threatens to create unprecedented food and water shortages in the coming decades, causing massive loss of life and social and political instability around the world. Any attempt, such as this, to block progress in this fight and prevent America from being a clean energy leader is repugnant and immoral. Voters are not going to be fooled. Any senator who votes for such sham legislation will answer for it at the ballot box.”


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