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Friends of the Earth U.S. at World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil

Friends of the Earth Health and Environment Campaigner Ian Illuminato is off to Belem, Brazil to take part in this year's World Social Forum (WSF). Click to see more pictures from Brazil.

One forum down, one to go

Meetings took place over the weekend to finalize our activities for the World Forum on Science and Democracy and for the World Social Forum (WSF). Those who have come to the forum have been confronted with not only the challenge of projecting a positive change in the world, as many have had logistical difficulties—from flight cancellations to over booked hotels.  Our work has been difficult!



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Opening the window to a better world—let’s jump through it!

I’ve spent the past 24-hours in transit on my way to Brazil. In the midst of reviewing my talks and planned activities for the forum, I couldn’t help but put my documents aside, recline my airplane seat a generous 3 inches and begin to imagine. I imagined what Belem would look like, the people I’d be meeting and the actions for positive change that would take shape during the World Social Forum (WSF). I also thought about past forums, including last year’s European Social Forum in Sweden, during which I witnessed mothers pushing their babies in strollers joining activists and youth in a giant protest to demand change in the world.



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Act Together for another World

The World Social Forum unites thousands of activists, social movements, civil society groups, NGOs, unions, universities and fellow Friends of the Earth sister groups from around the world and will host more than 2,500 seminars, workshops and other activities focused on environmental and social justice issues. Our aim is to create an alternative space and perspective for envisioning our future, which is distinct from the failing standpoint of many governments and corporations.



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