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Kroger claims to be a leader in food safety -- but it continues stocking its shelves with food doused in harmful pestides. We need you to make a quick call demanding Kroger to stop stocking shelves with food grown with toxic, bee-killing pesticides. 

Here is a quick sample script: 

Hi, my name is _______ . I’m calling because I’m deeply concerned to learn that Kroger is selling food grown with toxic pesticides that are harmful for human health and the environment. Tests of Kroger-brand cereal, apples, applesauce, spinach and pinto beans found toxic pesticides including glyphosate, organophosphates and neonicotinoids. This is deeply concerning because these pesticides are linked to the decline of pollinators and adverse health impacts like cancer and autism. Pollinators are declining at an alarming rate and scientists warn we are facing an "insect apocalypse." I urge Kroger to commit to stop selling food grown with toxic pesticides and increase offerings of domestic organic food to help solve this urgent issue. 


CALL 1-833-768-7693!