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From the majestic monarch butterfly to the regal right whale, critical species are being driven to extinction. And the Trump Administration is making the problem worse by trying to gut the Endangered Species Act. Our legislators have a responsibility to protect our wildlife, not the chemical and oil industry. While Senators are home for recess, they need to hear your demands to protect this act. Can you make a quick call? 

Here is a quick sample script: 

Hi my name is ___, I’m from ____, and I’m Senator __ constituent. I’m calling to urge the Senator to protect the Endangered Species Act and commit to oppose any measure that would weaken or roll back protections for threatened species in any way. Like 90 percent of American voters, I support the Endangered Species Act. The UN reports that over 1 million plant and animal species are on the brink of extinction. You can't let  the Trump Administration and other Senators weaken this important law.  


CALL 1-833-492-5942!