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The facts are clear -- to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis for people and the planet, we need bold action now. And as the largest historical emitter, the U.S. has the responsibility to do its part in addressing the crisis.

Biden could start by rejecting pipelines like Line 3 and Dakota Access – along with many other fossil fuel projects across the country. These projects are driving the climate crisis and poisoning the communities where they’re located.

On April 22, President Biden is hosting the Leaders Summit on Climate. We need your help to call on him to commit to the climate action our country and the world need.

Here’s a call script you can use:

"My name is ______. Ahead of the Leaders Summit on Climate, I am calling on you to commit the U.S. to doing its “fair share” of the global effort to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. With the largest economy in the world and the greatest historical emissions of greenhouse gases, the U.S. must lead the world in rapidly phasing out fossil fuels at home while providing international assistance to developing countries in line with what science and fairness demand."

CALL 1-833-768-7693