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One out of every three bites of food we eat requires pollinators. Without them, supermarket shelves would look bare. Kroger continues to contribute to the rapid decline of bee populations. This retail giant must stop selling food grown with bee killing pesticides now.

Next week is National Pollinator Week -- and it’s the week of Kroger’s annual meeting where executives make big decisions about the company’s priorities. If they hear from enough people today they’ll be forced to take action.

Here’s a call script you can use: 

"Hi, my name is _______.

I’m calling to ask Kroger to update its pollinator health policy by making a firm, time-bound commitment to stop selling food grown with bee-toxic pesticides and to increase offerings of bee- and people-friendly organic food, which is always grown without these toxic pesticides. Thank you!"

CALL 1-833-394-7290